David Ross

Angel Inspirations

Essential wisdom, insight and guidance

Cijena: 95,00 kn
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This lovely book doesn't require a literal belief in the reality of angels, only in their imaginative power as a positive force. It’s filled with fascinating stories of angelic encounters, both ancient and modern, including Jacob’s wrestling bout with an angel in the Old Testament, Joan of Arc’s inspirational vision of the Archangel Michael, and angels in modern-day near-death experiences. We also learn about the role angels play in Islam, the Kabbalah, and many other cultural and spiritual traditions. Richly endowed with reproductions of beautiful angel paintings, this is a beautiful gift for anyone who responds to the celestial spirit.

O proizvodu

Format: 17×17 cm

Uvez: meki

Broj stranica: 160

Biblioteka: -

Izdavač: Duncan Baird Publishers

Godina izdavanja: 2010.

ISBN: 9781844838875


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