Jack Kornfield

Guided Meditations for Self-Healing

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Meditation brings you into a deep communion with your own body and heart, but what happens when you are sick or in pain? With Guided Meditations for Self-Healing, Jack Kornfield guides you through meditations created specifically to ease physical and emotional suffering,and activate a powerful capacity for restoring yourself to wholeness. We are conditioned to approach healing as an act of control, in which we judge what is wrong with us and impose a change. The way of awareness teaches us how to turn toward that which is injured in us with a caring and fearless attention, so we may open the door to true healing at every level of our being.

Contents: 2CD

Runing time: 1 hour 52 Minutes

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Format: 14×12 cm

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Izdavač: Sounds True

Godina izdavanja: 2017.