Secret of Secrets

The Secrets of the Golden Flower

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This book is one of the most esoteric treatises in the world. It will show you the way to become more than the body and the way to bloom - how not to remain a seed but to become a golden flower. What, in India, they call the one thousand-petalled lotus, in China they call the golden flower. It is a symbol that represents perfection, totality. Moreover, the flower represents the actualisation of the potential - the beauty, the grandeur, the splendour of being.

This treatise, The Secret of Secrets, is very ancient - possibly one of the most ancient treatises in the world - at least twenty-five centuries old. But twenty-five centuries can be traced back very easily. And this treatise is also, uniquely, a great synthesis of all the great religions. The Bible belongs to the Christians, the Talmud belongs to the Jews, the Vedas belong to the Hindus, the Dhammapada to the Buddhists, the Tao Te Ching to the Taoists. But this small book, The Secret of Secrets, belongs to no one in particular, or it belongs to all.

It is heavily based on Taoist teachings, a flowering of the Taoist approach to life and existence. But it is not only that - Zarathustra has played a role; his teachings are incorporated within it. Buddhist teachings have also been integrated, and a certain esoteric school of Christians, the Nestorians, have played their part. It is one of the most synthetical approaches.

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Godina izdavanja: 2014.

ISBN: 978-1-78028-997-7

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Osho je jedan od najprovokativnijih i najinspirativnijih duhovnih učitelja dvadesetog stoljeća, poznat po svom revolucionarnom doprinosu nauci o unutrašnjoj transformaciji. Utjecaj njegovih učenja nastavlja rasti, dotičući ljude svih godina, u bukvalno svakoj zemlji svijeta, koji su krenuli u potragu.